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Garden Bandit

This stainless steel Garden Bandit has a thin blade that slices effortlessly and does not  displace soil making it ideal for cultivation flower beds. raised beds. vegetable gardens, planters and window boxes where soil must stay in place. The closed loop design cuts away from roots, preventing damage. It also makes quick work of slicing in compost/fertilizers and actually improves high clay soils by the slicing aerating action. This stimulates plant growth, prevents compacting and leave you soil light and fluffy.... perfect for planting. Makes a great gift!

Hummingbird Swing

Just hang swing near a food source. Hummingbirds are very territorial and will use the swing as a perching spot to watch over their food source. The more desirable the area to the hummingbird, the more likely they are to use the swing. It is suggested to have a combination of feeders and nectar-rich flowering plants. For optimal results. do not hang swing from a tree branch. Use provided hook to hang the swing 1 ft away from food source.